Tips On How To Look Good With A Tuxedo

For any outfit to look good not only should the wearer feel comfortable and beautiful but the outfit itself should be designed in beauty. This also applies to tuxedos as well. It may be a simple pant and jacket but the little details in them do make it all the more important to be designed in fashion and style. Here are a couple of tips on how to design and look great in tuxedos;

Width and lapel

The width of the tie you may intend to wear and lapel ought to have a balance and match. It is only then that it shall stand out a positive way amongst the crowd. Certain modern tailored suits are designed with thin lapels and more older versions have a wider lapel. Thus also making a difference in its style..


This is a very important point that needs to be paid close attention too. Certain tuxedos bought from the racks tend to be more huge or too tight and doesn’t necessarily have the perfect fit. This when you could get the help of a best tailor in Bangkok and design your own one in a way that does not have the shoulder pads sticking out and a huge collar gap. The collar gap should be minimal if not non existent. This is the gap between the lapel and jacket. If there is no perfect fitting tux then the wide collar gap is highlighted and is obvious as well.

Right colours

Choose the right colours for your tux and shirt. Charcoal black or dark grey. Make sure your shirt goes with the colour as well and the similar attention should be paid for the belt as well. Match your shoes with the tux to perfect the look more.

You could customize your pants in a way that they are pleated or flat. The vents at the back as well could be designed with a double vent to give out a more flattered look and would be ideal for large figures, or you could also have it designed with a single vent as well. For a casual look a single buttoned peak lapel jacket would be ideal and should be chosen to be worn based on the occasion you may be a part of.

You could also consider adding posh pocket squares where the design is unique and stands out on its own without matching with the rest of the outfit. This is essential because if it were to match especially in terms of fabric texture and colour then there would be no point in adding one at all. However don’t try to go all out with none colours either!Add in your own little personalized style and detail as well and manage to gain the positive attention your custom designed attire deserves!